Buy an Entire Abandoned Village in Spain for Under $75,000

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, treasured for its rich tradition, culture, and heritage. As the second-largest country in Europe, Spain has striking landscapes and sun-kissed villages in every direction. As a result of declining populations, however, entire Spainard villages have been listed for sale for as little as $50,000. That’s right, an entire Spainard village can be yours for less than the price of a house in your hometown. If you find yourself dreaming of fig and peach trees, now is your chance to turn your dream into a reality.

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Empty Villages

Neither selling or buying an entire village is an easy process but realtors in Spain are here to help. You might be asking, why are there so many abandoned villages in Spain to begin with? The declining post-baby boomer generation population is the primary culprit, especially in the countryside of Galicia where over 3,562 villages have been abandoned. The declining population can be attributed to a low birth rate, Spain’s fast-aging society, and poor infrastructure.

Sparking Movement

Spain’s steep population decline has been referred to as ‘La España Vacía,’ translated to ‘Empty Spain’ in English. As towns get wiped off the map, the ongoing issue is gaining the attention of various organizations in hopes of turning things around. According to the Instituto Nacional Electoral, the number of abandoned villages increases by one every week. Consequently, sellers are in desperate need to sell the properties. Although many wealthy Spaniards come forward to buy historic lands, foreigners are often ready to invest as well. One of the biggest sellers of abandoned villages is Aldeas Abandonadas. For more than 15 years, these realtors have been trying to repopulate empty villages and properties in Spain. Recent research revealed that post-COVID-19, many young adults under 35 years old are willing to change out their city life to live in a Spaniard village. Thanks to technology and teleworking, these interested buyers can maintain their employment while investing and living in these villages.

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Interested Buyers

The most interested buyers outside of Spain are generally Belgian, British, and French but anyone is welcome to invest! Are you interested in investing in a property, or learning more about potential development opportunities? Act now because these opportunities are rapidly gaining fame, and prices are on the rise. If you have an investment plan and aren’t afraid of some paperwork, buckle up, and enjoy the journey.

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  1. Even we buy the property, we can not afford to the live there. Some of people can’t get residental visas because we are from country which is not in EU. I am ready to sell all my real estates and buy in Italy, but my passport is not welcome.

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