Explore the Dark History of a Sunken Jamaican Pirate City

Known as one of the most wicked places in the world, Port Royal was a southeastern Jamaican city founded in 1494. Once known as a paradise for liquor lovers, prostitutes, and pirates, today the city is a sleeping fishing village located at the edge of Kingston Harbor. Over time this city has changed so much that the Caribbean Royal Navy headquartered there for many years. Discover the story of this dark land, remembered as the homeland of pirates and other outlaws.

The Beginning

Several years ago, there was a land at the end of the Palisadoes in southeastern Jamaica. Its critical geographical location helped pirates and buccaneers to make it their perfect place to live. Deepwater natural harbor used to protect the ships at anchor, its lanes, and alleys filled with brothels, taverns, and drinking halls. This place soon became a trading place for slaves, sugar, and other raw materials. By 1690, most local merchants became very rich. As expected, all the port royals had a careless attitude towards religion and had absolutely no strict law and order in the city. Within a short period, it became one of the busiest port towns in the world famous for its community of numerous swashbuckling dangerous people.

When Disaster Strikes

This infamous land’s glory came crashing down on June 7, 1692, when a massive earthquake destroyed the harbor killing approximately 5,000 people. Within seconds after the 1692 earthquake, most of the port sank into the harbor making it a historical background for historical excavations and archeological wonders. Initially, a 51-acre port, 33 acres sank between 10 and 35 feet. Subsequently, a series of natural catastrophes ruined what remained of the city, and many perceived the land’s deterioration as a curse brought by the wrath of gods for its wickedness. Later on, there was an effort to rebuild the city, but in 1703 a disaster struck once again with a massive fire that ruined all plans.

Present Day Port Royal

Today, the port is a hot spot for archaeologists, researchers, and travelers alike. Now a small fishing village, the land has no resemblance to its past. If you are an avid history buff, consider traveling to Port Royal. Are you interested in experiencing the wonders of Port Royal in person? Visit the Fort Charles Fort by scheduling a Kingston Port Royal Heritage Tour! Not invested enough to take a Jamaican trip dedicated to pirates? Read Apocalypse 1692: Empire, Slavery, and the Great Port Royal Earthquake, Port Royal: The Sunken City, or Port Royal, Jamaica!

Luckily the dark history of Port Royal has transformed into a bright opportunity for private developers and realtors selling properties near it. If you are looking for the perfect holiday getaway or vacation property, Port Royal could be a top contender to experience the historic site, its rich history, and be a part of its evolving journey. As the pirates would always say to get everyone on deck in pursuit of a magical treasure hunt, all hand hoy!

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