In with the Renovations, Out with the Tear Downs

Let’s talk about the power of home renovations and interior design staging. If you have ever watched HGTV you know what I am talking about! Selling a vacant property as-is reduces the number of potential buyers in comparison to one with a fresh coat of paint staged in all of its glory. Need some inspiration? Depending on your house vibes we recommend checking out Fixer Upper and Desert Flippers. Revamping vacant properties is essential to showing potential buyers its unlimited potential and design opportunities. Join us in learning more about renovations, and how to get the most out of them!

Increased Demand for Renovation Experts

Renovation projects can be risky and intimidating for the unexperienced undertaker, and the number of renovation experts here to help has skyrocketed. These masterminds work their magic on dilapidated, eerie spaces by bringing you expert advice, project management skills, and nearly perfect results. In today’s world, there is almost nothing renovation experts can’t do. Are you on a tight budget and want to expand your property or have an onsite living space during construction? Experience the unlimited design, budget, and flexibility options of Modular construction! Need more light and open space? Remove walls, enlarge windows, and add full walls of sliding door windows to optimize your indoor-outdoor lifestyle! Want a historic home that is energy efficient? Consider solar shingles, which are energy-efficient, customizable, and lends a helping hand to our planet! From minor home renovations to complete restorations, trusted professionals can help you get it done on any budget. Who knows- renovation professionals might just become your new best friends.

Top Reasons to Renovate

Thinking from a buyer’s perspective, would you buy a home with a leaky roof, broken doors, rusty features, and moldy bathrooms? Your answer is most likely no, even if you can buy the home at a steal. So from a seller’s perspective, let’s talk through why a home renovation benefits you.

Return on Investment

Many of us buy a property as an investment. To optimize return on investment, investors frequently purchase a run-down property under market value, fix it up under a set budget, and resell it at a profit. Renovating a home for the purpose of reselling it at a significant profit is defined as ‘flipping’ the property. Flipping is only successful if the property is purchased at a good price, the renovation stays within budget, there is ample demand, and it sells within the desired range.

Old Stuff is Trending

Although a property built centuries ago is likely to have less prospective buyers, renovations that bring the property up to current building codes while providing modern amenities can attract your niche market and skyrocket its potential resale value. Preserving the building’s architectural heritage while modernizing it to current building standards is more sustainable, culturally significant, and attractive to your niche market. Why not bring an old home back to life, reduce our carbon footprint, and generate a higher profit?

Addressing Safety Concerns

Before a home is purchased or sold, a home in need of renovations should be carefully inspected for any safety concerns. To ensure every aspect of the home is accounted for, it’s always a good idea to invest in a professional property inspection. Formal property inspections can pick up on a wide range of issues that can otherwise fall under the radar, including insect infestation, hazardous materials, structural cracks and foundation problems, mold, rusty windows, broken seals, etc. Once the formal assessment is complete, your trusted expert can advise how severe the problems are, how to prioritize repairs and provide cost estimates. Once you can compare your total investment cost to the potential resale revenue, you can more easily determine if you want to go ahead with your renovation plan.

According to a report published by Houzz, an American architecture and interior designing website, the average renovation cost in America is $15,000. If you are savvy and patient enough, however, you can renovate a property within any budget. All it comes down to is reading through the fine print, partnering with experts, obtaining a home inspection, and trusting your Google search skills. By thoughtfully planning out your budget, project, and timeline, you will undoubtedly bring your property vision to life. Life is too short – if you have the time and money take a renovation adventure!

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