Cheap Abandoned Properties for Knock-Down Prices

Buying a property is usually the most expensive investment people make. According to Zillow, the median price of a home in the United States is currently $226,800. Similarly, a price comparison company called Finder states that the average price of a UK home is £254,000. In places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, and Japan, home prices can be exorbitant, making owning a home a dream for many. Don’t worry there’s great news; if you do the research, you can discover amazing properties for sale across the globe on any budget. Explore a few historic homes for sale that we fell in love with for knock-down prices. Let the daydreaming commence:

Southeast United States

Eatonton, GA $65,000 (5 bd, 3 ba, 4,028 sf)

“Built in 1845, this is one of Eatonton‘s oldest residences. This home was the first U.S. Marshall headquarters in Central Georgia. It was also used during the Civil War as a Hospital. The two-story home has a wonderful front porch and large entry hall. The front library also has large murals of Br’er Rabbit characters.” See the full listing here.

Ripley, TN $78,000 (5 bd, 3 ba, 2,600 sf)

Step back in time in this 1902 Victorian dream home! Five large bedrooms and three full baths make this house perfect for large families. Beautiful original woodwork and hardwood floors make this house a dream come true every twist and turn. See the full listing here.

Midwest United States

Blue House, Ohio $30,000 (2 bd, 2 ba, unknown sf)

Image by loveProperty

As the name suggests, this is a beautiful blue clapboard house built in 1850. The home was put on the market for $30,000 and is perfect for a small family. Once you restore the blue house to its former glory, you will get to enjoy its enchanting interior finishings. Learn more about this home on a United Kingdom property website called loveProperty.

Country Home, Bulgaria

Image by loveMONEY

How about buying an old country home about 34 miles away from the Bulgarian city of Vratsa? Here is your chance to own a home in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains for a steal deal. The home is priced at a mere $10,000 and is completely worth it to live in the beautiful countryside. The house has four bedrooms on a single floor, plus an attic that can be converted to a second story. For more information, this house is featured on loveMONEY.

The above houses are just some examples of the affordable gems you can find. If you are willing to invest time and resources, you can find the property of your dreams within any budget. So what are you waiting for, start your journey today!

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