A Simple Guide for Buying Your Dream Furnishings

There are many reputable businesses that sell authentic or replica vintage furnishings to help you enhance your beloved property. So what makes a furnishing vintage? There is no definite answer but many people consider items 100 years or older to be vintage. Here’s the catch, just because something is old does not mean it is vintage – it has to be exclusive, high-quality, and desirable.

Vintage furniture can be identified by specific time period styles. English vintage furniture can be categorized as Queen Anne, Georgian Chippendale, Georgian Adam, Georgian Hepplewhite, Georgian Sheraton, Regency, and Victorian periods. American vintage furniture styles include Late Colonial, Federal, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Shaker.

Choosing the Perfect Furnishings


Before purchasing antique furniture in-store or online, learn about the furniture era’s architectural style. Once you narrow down your selection, carefully examine the furniture to ensure its authenticity, hardware, and design quality.

Check for Signatures, Labels and Stamps

Many artists, companies, and woodworkers placed an authenticity engraving signature, label, or stamp on vintage products. For example, if you are planning to get a 19th-century piece of furniture made in a factory, they usually always have stamps on them. If you are interested in purchasing something online, make sure to look for engravings in the photos and zoom in to ensure it’s not counterfeit.

Inspect Damage

Furniture damage and its implications depend on the type of furniture. For example, 17th and 18th-century furniture values do not significantly depreciate as a result of moderate wood cracks. Some furniture cracks are unavoidable due to the natural expansion and contraction of wood caused by temperature changes.

Online Auctions and Businesses

Some of the best ways to get vintage furniture are through online auctions and websites. If antique furniture is unavailable near you, don’t fret – purchase it online instead! Make sure you only buy furniture from reputable online auctions like eBay, which puts accountability on both sellers and buyers. There are tons of additional great options to choose from, and recommend checking out this list to get you started.

Some of Our Online Favorites

Are you in love with the old furniture look but unwilling to invest in pieces that are more expensive, worn, or uncomfortable? Always price compare a wide selection of antique furniture in the best condition, or purchase replica furniture using modern conveniences and more selection. Check out some of our top furniture picks for a wide furniture selection of any style, price, and vibe.

One Kings Lane – Although this tends to be more of a spendy option, the company offers an unmatched collection of antique or replica choices for anything you can think of. No matter what item or style you are looking for, you are bound to stumble upon staple pieces you love. One Kings Lane will capture your attention for iconic, one-of-a-kind staple pieces for your home.

World Market – Are you inspired by furniture from all over the world? World Market is the perfect place for you to find furniture inspired by every culture and style. World market is unmatched in terms of its low cost, globally inspired furniture.

WayFair – Wayfair is a great option for an extensive selection of affordable furniture for every style and budget. Wayfair offers fast, free delivery and frequent sales on thousands of top brands.

Pamono – Specializing in antique high-design décor with a robust history of the pieces they sell. Here you can find the most iconic, eye-catching pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Etsy – As mentioned above, we are always a fan of eBay for its wide selection of new and pre-owned pieces. eBay is an especially good platform because its a site you can trust, placing accountability on both sellers and buyers. On eBay, you can focus on finding replica furnishings and accessories to round out your antique style without the price tag.

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